What we believe . . .

The Bible is God’s word, without error, and the ultimate authority for all we are to believe and do

God exists in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; He is at all times in absolute control of all people and all things in all places

All people have sinned by breaking God’s law; they are under God’s judgment and are unable to save themselves

Jesus Christ is God and man, the only Saviour who died and rose again to save His people from their sins; He now reigns over all things from heaven and will personally return to judge all people and usher in an eternal kingdom

The good news of salvation in Jesus Christ is to be freely proclaimed to all people, who are commanded by God to repent and trust in Christ as both Lord and Saviour

Baptism is for believers only by immersion in water

Church membership is for all who truly believe in Jesus, have been baptised, and in obedience to God are seeking to be an active part of a local body of Christians

Worship should be God honouring and joyful, with the preaching and teaching of God’s word as its central feature

You can read more of what we believe to be the main truths of the Bible in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith