About Us . . .
We are a group of ordinary people, young and old, from all walks of life, who have come to know God through Jesus Christ.

Being reconciled to God and no longer under His judgement we desire to worship and serve the God who has shown mercy to us.

We hold to the historic Biblical faith, sometimes referred to as evangelical and reformed. You may read more about what we believe under Beliefs link.

How we worship . . .
Our aim as we gather each Lord’s Day morning is to worship God with sincerity of heart and according the pattern given to us in God’s word the Bible.

The integral elements of each worship service are: Bible reading, singing praises to God, prayer and the offering of our gifts to God. The greater part of each service is normally given to expository preaching of the Bible.

We believe that prayer, Bible study and fellowship are important and we gather at various times through the week for these activities.

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